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FFXI LJ Community
For players of FFXI to socialize about the game.
Fuit parfait, that is! There is prolly more recipes but this has been the only one that's been discovered.

Here's the recipe:

Recipe from NPCCollapse )

It seems like that's the only new recipe but it's a goodie. NQ is 6 MAB, HQ (queen's crown) is 7 MAB. First MAB food! if you happen to be on quetz and want some, get me the mats and ask. I'm going to make up a batch and sell the cream puffs I've had on main for BLM times. ^^ As always, do NOT ask me to make these for you for anything but your own use; I will skin you if I find you're using me as a profit machine! If you want to make profit from cooking, level it to 110 yourself, plzkthks! Thanks to BG for cuing me in on this and whatever JP found this first.

Oh and it's about 85ish cooking; I'm gonna be watching the market, if it sells well I'll prolly add this as a possibility to my cooking guide.
So okay. I've had a very major problem as a cook. Every time I find a fisherman who can get me fish when I ask, he or she ends up quitting the game or has computer problems. EVERY. TIME.

So I finally got started on a lu about a year ago, but I gave up for a while. Enter Seekers and the Mog Garden; I found if you use insect balls and a good rod (Haly works, I think any light rod will work) in the freshwater pond in your mog garden, if you get anything, it'll be a moat carp. And you can get moats from the net too. So I started burning a stack of bait in that pond every day unless RL got in the way.

Today it finally happened..

Whew, that's a lot of fishies!Collapse )

I am DEAD sick of moat carp now but now I finally have the rod! (I admit I didn't fish them all, I did buy some when price was decent but I'm glad to be done!!) Also thank you to Mommagee, Illyria, Sladen, Cydori, and Inrout for tossing fish my direction from theirs. ^^
..Remember the niece I mentioned earlier? Well, I let her listen to the Mog Garden music once and she's nagging at me to listen to it again. The only problem is she broke one pair of headphones/headset and I don't want her to touch the one I'm using now (which was 40 bucks; told her if she touches it she gets spanked).

I think what would solve it is if I could get the mog garden theme on Itunes or on my Ipod or something. Does anyone know where to find it outside of the Mog Garden? thanks. ^^
I can't seem to get the new missions to start. Current theory going around is that it has to do with Coalition Assignments. I've done about 170 of them, though they've all been for the Couriers' Coalition, so if it involves having better than Petitioner rank for more than one Coalition (or even having done assignments for more than one Coalition), that may be the problem.

Fame-wise, I'm up to Rank 4 (..."You still haven't proven yourself in my eyes.") I've done every quest from the first update except A Shot in the Dark. Of the new quests, I did manage to do Flavors of Our Lives and Granddaddy Dearest. I've also explored my Mog Garden and done all of the tutorial quests there.

I'd really like some confirmation on what the requirements are. I'm kind of annoyed, because I had several months to work on things and if I'd known I was supposed to diversify my Coalition Assignments, I could easily have done so.
9th-Jul-2013 06:41 pm - Walkthough: New Missions.
Note: Crossposted from my personal LJ but you won't see it b/c it's under a filter. (Not everyone on flist plays FFXI so I do that for courtesy.)

OK! to start the new missions, first you need to start the next mission. Talk to Levil in the Pioneer's Coalition. This is where bg wiki gets absolutely insane/confusing, so here's my deriddle; You have to do a quest called Flavors of our Lives and wait a ig day(or zone, not sure which, that needs confirmed) before you can complete that mission. For that quest, you must:

*Waypoint to Big Bridge and head to J-9. Talk to Berghent to start the quest.
*Waypoint to the Mummer's Coalition and talk to Masad for a CS.
*Waypoint to the Courier's Coalition and talk to Dewalt.
*Waypoint to the MH, run down to the Rala Waterways entrance by there, and find Chalvava in there. (Big note, ya might not have to do more than talk to this taru, just zone, but I'd rather get it done anyway.)
*Then get out any HELM gear and get a stack of sickles, waypoint to Yahse Hunting Grounds (you might have to fool with a reive, but they are easier now. I suggest bringing a hairpin b/c yes, you still lose xp and best to minimize it if you can, but taht's the oldskooler in me). Get the HELM gear on and start poking for a harvesting point to get the berry; it's a ki so you should have np, tho it may take several tries to get. (I think it took me..4? but I wasn't wearing my harvesting gear)
*Go back and talk to Berghent again to finish the quest. Then (I'm not sure which is needed; will need tested, and I'll try on Skif to see if I can figure out which did it) zone/wait a ig day.

Then go talk to Masad for another CS, then back to Levil to finish that mission. Next you need to waypoint to the palace to start the next mission (automatic CS)..I'll add more once the emerg maint ends so I can confirm bg wiki (So far other than the first mission BG wiki has been vague but spot on.)

I mean to wiki this once I get done b/c I'm proly not the only confused one. I'll update this as I go though the missions.
Ok, thought I'd ask the parents out there. I have a cute little 4 year old niece, the only problem is..

She's getting interested in FFXI, at least watching me play.

I don't know how well she reads yet, so been asking my social to "Watch your mouth! She's in the room!" just in case and decided no missions when she's around. I already decided when she CAN read she's forbidden from playing FFXI due to the fact there's too many folks with dirty minds/mouths around. I don't want her momma coming after me. (One guy uses it as opportunity to pull a fart joke when I say that..but that's kid ROTFL material. Harmless.)

Is there anything else I can do if she gets interested? I figure I'll intro her to FF1 once she is reading books on her own, NOT FF11. Prolly Mario RPG too, I think we have that original cart somewhere...Internet is just scary for a little kid.
Here it is!

It's preordered and done for me. Thank heaven for amazon gift cards. Go get it! I'm guessing it's also avail on Steam at this time.

Also if you're like me and scrimping and saving to get Windows 7 and a computer rebuild, I called Square Enix over Skype and..It doesn't say Windows XP but it will still load on Windows XP. So no worries there..But that's reason #20 I need to get the $600-$1k to rebuild the system. (Before anyone goes gahh at me you don't have to pay that much; I try to go for a midrange gamer every time I rebuild so I can play NEWER games too. And Windows 7 is a big chunk of that.)
14th-Jan-2013 03:17 pm - Did it! DING 109 cooking!
...This means I have a bunch of dragon tanks (13, actually) to get rid of. This is great for melees to mule *eyes Cydori* for it dispenses 5 Dragon Fruit au lait, which could be useful in Seekers if they make some hard fights that will want that kinda regen. If you're on Quetz and would like a couple, give me a poke. I'd rather these go to either cooks (so you can skill on tanks; they're recycleable) or to melees/tanks that will use the au lait...eventually.

Wish me luck getting to 110 tho @_@; that's going to hurt.
12th-Jan-2013 05:41 pm - Good Samaritan moments in game.
Now you understand, I've been slowly working up my cooking. 108.7 at this time..mainly because I'm doing Dragon Tanks and it takes a while for me to gather the mats for the tanks. (Making my own leather, farming stuff for animal glue, etc.)

Since part of that is animal glue, I've been farming bone chips in gusgen (yeah that's cheap but I would rather get my mats myself). Since there's almost always a xp party by the lowest level bones that seem to drop chips like candy, I have been killing the ghouls. However, since I'm the type who doesn't like messing someone else up, I watch for newbies looking for skulls so I can offer to help them. (I mean, big bad 99 thf with full th gear..that's going to get them skulls faster than they could)

Today I found two buddies looking for skulls while I was farming the bones. Took 2 kills and they got theirs :) Love seeing that.

Anyway! Anyone else got any FFXI Good Samaritan stories that they were involved in?
19th-Dec-2012 12:21 pm - Starlight Event this year..
Starlight event is pretty much the same as last year except they have recycled the sunbreeze NPCs for new minigames. (If you forgot where those are: Southern San d'Oria (H-9), Post Bastok (K-8), and Windurst Woods (K-12)) You have to beat (and this can be two different areas if you like) either 2 different minigames or 1 minigame twice to get hq gloves on easy; to get the parts for the new furnishing, you have to beat all 3 areas on hard.

Windy: Guess the Tarus' Jobs.

You see a line of 5 tarus in dream gear. Easy, you just have to choose between the starter jobs. Hard, you get BST,PLD, and DRK to choose from as well. You only get 10 guesses; H equals the job's there but wrong taru, CH means that a job is on the right taru. (Took me a while to figure it out.)

Sandy: Spot The Difference

You'll see a little cs/mixed race choir that things happen around. You will see the CS twice; the second has some differences like gear, doors closing in different order, a rarab in the chest, etc. You have to pick 3 differences out on easy, 5 on hard. (This one made me want to say some nasty language that would of scared my 4 year old niece who my mom was babysitting, so I bit my tongue instead. That was on hard tho.)

Bastok: Where's the chocobo?

I forget what it's called but it's basically a shell game with baby chocobos and chests. Easy, you only have to deal with one bird; hard, two birds. You will also have to deal with a number of distractions, like a herd of baby chocobos running in front of the chests and a goblin/moblin pair doing frypan in front of the chests and having a little fight. You only get one guess; on hard, you have to pick two chests though.

The rewards are dream mittens, dream mittens +1 (Which does for invisible what the boots did for sneak) and also..

Orchestrion, anyone?Collapse )

This allows you to change the music to a certain extent in the mh. If you wanna see how, here's a very short vid that shows how it works. And yes, I'm a windy kittycat. If I had a spinet it'd have more tunes, but I hope one day we can get that more easily. ^^ Oh and I forgot; you get parts for the Orchestrion from the minigames on hard. You need a earth crystal to put it together, I don't know what the synth skills are. I made it on the first try though! (so whatever it is, it's prolly really low requirement.)

Sorry I couldn't get this up sooner; the sudden lj maint held me back.
12th-Dec-2012 05:39 pm - New flavor quests in for Seekers!
Ok, looks like our new director gave us nice present for a flavor quest for the new expansion. I'm testing this out right now on Quetz, and I HIGHLY suggest if you're on Quetz you do this fast before the kupopowers change! (we got Thrifty Transit right now, which will help a LOT getting around.) Also bring some sort of movement speed gear/ability; I used Garuda and Fleet Wind. I was cued into this from BG, and I'll confirm names and places for people. Also since to USE these teles takes crystals; if you are on quetz, don't have time, know me, and are going OW at the price of stacks of clusters, send me a tell. Don't go tail-kissing too much lol (I'm a mithra, I can say that) but I'll be glad to farm a stack of clusters for people that know me if you ask. Just don't bug me constantly or I'll find a galka to punt you!

First talk to guy in Ru'lude Gardens (Anastase; he's at G-9) Then you have to go to and talk to specific npcs in certain areas to attune a key item he will give you:

Selbina (Is by the water) - Talk to Jillia
Mhaura (I-8, uppermost level / NE corner-- Don't go to the governor's mansion. If you're having trouble, this pic should show you exactly where. It's where I'm standing.) - Talk to Zurko-Bazurko (he's on some barrels)
Rabao (G-8, se corner of the square) - Talk to Quwhi Orihbhe
Norg (near the moogles) - Talk to Wistful Bison

Then go back to talk to Anastase; you'll get 400 conquest points and 3 trail cookies.

Zone and talk to him again, he'll give you a second series. This will be updated as I get them..Oh and you get a little xp per point. They cannot be widescanned(Well, duh since they're ???s), I found that out the hard way. Also the next two series's can be done in any order tho I did them in order to find out where they were.

West Ronfare -- Go though Bostauniex Obliette, it's at E-8. Don't fall off the ledge!
North Gustburg -- Go though Dangruf Wadi (make sure you have s/i), cross river and go back. it's at D-8 on the opposite side of the river from the exit.
W. Saru -- It's the tower at F4 in W. Saru (I had to do a process of elimination to find it since BG used the actual name of the tower, I don't remember them that way). Don't go down, go around the stairs and it's on top of the stair tunnel.
La Thiene -- Follow the directions here on where to go to get though ordelles. It is on a ledge near where you erm, finish that quest at h-10.
Konschtat Highlands -- go to K-6 and climb the bone ridge there. DO NOT fall down and I suggest you turn autorun off. It's at the very end of the ridge near the wall at L-5.
Tahrongi Canyon -- basically middle of i-9, close to the wall and a hillock.
Jugner Forest -- first, op to w.ronfare, then head to east and head straight for King Ramperre's Tomb. (I always get lost in there) Head straight though to Jugner. Head down to the lake; it's over by the NW wall near the lake. (This is where a nm called King Artho spawns, btw.)
Pashhow Marshlands -- I-7, close to the Luremarsh. (Right up against it as a matter of fact.)
Meriphaud Mountains -- go to the western end of the ridge, run east under it until you get to G-8. Should be in the corner of the quadrant.
Attohwa Chasm -- Climb That-Dammed-Mountain, it's at J-8 on top of there.
Ule Range -- This one's minor infuriating. Go to G-8, find the waterfall that thaws when there's no ice weather, and go though it. The point is at h-7. It's the topmost ENM entrance. Don't go over the ledge to Bearclaw Pinnacle though or you've gone too far! This one also has the biggest XP reward (I got 2k)

The reward for all that is 2k conquest points and 6 trail cookies. ^^

Zone again, and talk to the guy again. Again, you get a little xp for finding these points, and don't try to widescan them, it won't work.

Davoi -- Not far from where you enter this zone. Head for I-8 and the broken bridge from the entrance; I found this one easier to target as I came up on it.
Beadeaux -- Go to H-7, then go down into the basement. Waypoint's at G-7 behind the mute. (Don't click the mute!)
Castle Oztroja -- G-8 straight from the entrance, you'll have to go around because of big hill/lamp in the way.
Quicksand Caves -- F-7, you'll have to go though the weight door at K-7, the weight door at H-7 and the sandstorm door. It's right over the pit where you'd fall in for a Zilart mission (the pot smashing) if I'm not mistaken.
Sea Serpent's Grotto -- It's the map behind the myrthil coin door at J-5.
Temple of Ugglapih (Or Ugly-pii, as I like to call it) -- Go as if you were going to teach Levi Prime a lesson. At H-8 on the second map you come to going there, tab around for a blank crack and go in the room there. It's in the corner of that room at H-8.
The Boyahda Tree -- Go like you were going to beat up on ramuh; it's on the first map at D-4, up on a walkable up ledge.
Oldtown Movalpolos -- You will have to go though Newtown. When you get to oldtown, head to the entrance to Newtown at i-6. You need to head to the exit at E-9 in newtown. I strongly suggest you bring a partner since you may have to run around to blow hatches; having the map and/or having wiki up for maps is a very good idea! You should bring a friend and some firesand to blow a pain in the butt hatch. The point itself you're looking for is in Oldtown, at K-11.
Riverne Site #B01 -- you'll need to farm two scales, so I recommend you bring a friend to hold the second scale for you. It's quite a trip: go to a unstable displacement at h-8, then a dispacement at G-6, then a displacement at E-7, then a unstable displacement at e-8, then finally a displacement at c-9. The point is at C-10 on a floating rock behind the monument.
Castle Zvahl Keep -- I don't need to explain this too much. It's at H-8 in the middle of the room on the first map after you zone from the castle.

The reward for this quest is 3k conquest points and 12 trail cookies.

This might be important once Seekers comes out, like the flavor quest was for ToAU. so I suggest you do this! Oh and trade crystals or clusters to the proto-waypoint (this can be any proto-waypoint, think of that like putting gas in the car. You do it and can use it, but when it's gone you have to add more gas. Also dark/light clusters give the thing the most "gas".) to use it. I had trouble figuring out where to trade them. ^^ This will allow you to tele to these areas all the time as long as you have traded in crystals or clusters first to the proto waypoint. Oh and I forgot; teles to the areas in the first quest take 30 points, the areas in the second quest take 100 points, and the areas in the third quest take 300 points.
From what our new director is saying, Tanaka basically left a huge pile of manure on the floor that needs cleaned up. *holds nose* Or at least that's what it sounds like to me.

Mr. Matsui speaking here.Collapse )


XIV may be causing some of the delays but the way Matsui is saying, it's the load of manure on the floor that's the main factor in holding things back, stinking up the game/office. So we can proly blame Tanaka a bit longer..Tho I hope they come out with a good update for us for Christmas. ^^ And I think in another month or two he'll have things beaten into shape. I mean, it takes time for a new director to do things..I heard from XIV it took a while.
There's a couple huge pains in the rear on whm done with.Collapse )

Was glad to get the shirt done. Thank you Falkirk for helping me get it done in 1 dynamis! Also thanks to Farkle for helping me get the pants done. ^^ (that took 3 dyna's.)

Now I just got to get BST AF2 and +2 that..Oh and the reason I don't like +2ing stuff on whm is the final trial.(20k xp in one of the zones you can get it from.) I can't do that alone since my melee set on whm is lacking (it's low priority) so I have to ask friends to help me with that. It's ANNOYING!

Also the reason I did body is kinda a minor complaint; It isn't much better for regen that i can tell, but like emph bod it's +2 a tic refresh; now when I'm swapping around it won't be quite so uneven. ^^ Rest of the +2 whm relic armor doesn't excite me very much. ^^
I got this in my email today (been using UltimatePay recently to pay for FFXI):

Dear {Email Removed},

As you are a PlaySpan Marketplace user, we want to inform you of a recent incident that may affect you.

What happened?

Last week, the PlaySpan team detected that an outside intruder had illegally accessed servers containing PlaySpan Marketplace customer information. We immediately shut down the intruder’s access to the PlaySpan network and took steps to protect your PlaySpan account. We then commenced a comprehensive forensic analysis and are working with law enforcement to investigate the crime.

Our investigation has revealed that the information involved was limited to user IDs, email addresses and encrypted passwords.The affected servers did not contain payment account (credit card, debit card or prepaid card) information, and therefore no such data was compromised.

What does this mean for you?

Stored passwords in the PlaySpan system have a layer of encryption to mask them. However, as an added precaution, we immediately locked your account and then closed the PlaySpan Marketplace site for good, a business decision that we have recently been evaluating. As a result, the stolen information can no longer be used for any purpose on PlaySpan.

As a reminder, best on-line practices suggest it is always safest to make sure you are using different passwords for your different online activities, so that any single intrusion does not affect multiple accounts. Therefore, if you happen to use your PlaySpan Marketplace log-in information at other websites, including your e-mail provider, we encourage you to reset those passwords.

If you are also a PlaySpan Ultimate Pay user, we have already implemented an automatic reset of all user passwords. You will be prompted to reset your password the next time you log into your Ultimate Pay account.

Your security is important to us.

Security is a top priority for us, and we are redoubling our efforts to strengthen PlaySpan’s overall system security. We believe PlaySpan runs a safe and secure network, but criminals will keep getting better at what they do. We will be doing everything we can to ensure we stay a step ahead of them and keep the PlaySpan system safe.

I sincerely apologize for any frustration or inconvenience this may cause you. Even though it has become an unwelcome fact in business today, no one likes to have to share that their network has been illegally attacked by outsiders. But we know PlaySpan’s business depends on your trust, and that means our security must always be first rate. You can be assured PlaySpan is doing everything in its power to make sure your information remains safe.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact PlaySpan at support@playspan.com.


Karl Mehta
PlaySpan, Inc.

I'm in the process of resetting my password now, which turned out to be a bigger pain in the ass than needed; seems the database is a little crapped up. I had to make two phone calls though Skype (I do that b/c I don't want my folks to pay for my long distance calls, if anyone's going to pay for those I will) to get them to hand reset it. I hope when I need to add more Crysta that it won't be a big deal. But if you are affected by this, don't wait. Take care of it now!

[Edit] I'd like to add that after all that crud, I'm back in so next time I have to add Crysta I should be fine.
I have a draft of the guide for console players around, but since half of that was security..well.

I thought since I went to so much trouble to update security directions, that I should take it in my paws to try to write a updated guide for FFXI security in general, not just for console to PC swappers. Here it is. Anything I missed or needs adding? kikkyo fixed the moogle for me (I am terrible at cutting out a background, gah!) and is working on a little sig involving a mithra tail to finish that off. (I thought the moogle here was appropriate. it's THE BUCK STOPS HERE, you rotten hackers!)

Thanks for the assistance, once I get it finalized I hope people will pass it on!
I'm thinking of writing a guide on how to switch from console to PC because of how the new expansion is going to run, proly will be on Alla. However, I do need to confirm something..

A friend of mine told me that you could actually use the trial account client to basically get a full copy of the game and play a regular account on it, without paying for the software. I haven't seen anything about this or how to do this. If this is true, this would be a LEGAL way to get a full copy of the game if you already have a FFXI account. Can anyone confirm/test this please? I don't have a computer that doesn't have FFXI on it to install FFXI on or I would..

(And yes I mean to stick to the legal ways.)
31st-Jul-2012 01:45 pm - Sunbreeze Festival this year ^^
Well, the Sunbreeze festival has started.

I don't think I need to go too much into detail on the Mumor event tho first part of the show will really amuse you; Mumor complains about being poked fun at for being in Heroine's Holdfast! (called scary and all that). Anyway, same as last year; make sure you have all dances and /cheer and /clap macroed (and /cheer motion /clap motion /dance3 motion etc work fine. Label them according to her dances to remind yourself) There's two parts; first when you have to dance, target Diva's Muscle; second time, target Cecilia. And of course, cheer and clap for Mumor! (Oh and if there's not a lot of people around...make sure you buy fireworks; stack of each should do you. It'll help.)

First time you do it you get NQ swimsuit; if you do it again and perfect sync with her on the second part (I could be wrong since it took me two tries); you get the hq swimsuit. You can also get a copy of cosmic designs if you missed the globe last year. ^^ After that you just get a lot of the new firework; Shisai Kaboku, which looks like a sparkler (Could also get some of the other fireworks, but that's what I got.).

As for the proof:

New swimsuit. Well the mithra version at least.Collapse )

Rest is the same as last year, nothing much to say about it. I think you can get the other pieces to the globe from the other events. ^^ Credit to reminding me goes to Darkangelkadian AKA. Kadian (she prefers to go by her old Midgard name), thanks ye drk. ^^

Oh and as for stats on the hq; bottom is Def 2 Sunny Weather: MP+20 and the top dispenses berry snowcones, as well as same defense as the bottom. ^^

Hate his "BALENCE!" or not, this might change FFXI for the better. A lot agree, he's a bad project manager. He retired for health reasons. ^^

You can't deny that the game changed for worse or better when he was gone, this makes me smile. ^^
22nd-Jun-2012 09:58 pm - Seekers of Adoulin
Professor, Grimlock
The next expansion has been announced. Here is the official site.

Apparently we are going to the west, to the ancestral homeland of the Elvaan. Geomancer will be one of the two new jobs.

19th-Jun-2012 02:18 pm - TAKE THAT YOU BLEEPING SEA HORROR!
Ok, I had neb bake for GP today which means, time to go fishing. However, let's just say I got a old enemy sneak up behind me...But he paid for picking on THIS summoner...


He's had it coming a long time.
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